The lost journals of Robert Walter Graham – part 3

Journal of Robert Walter GrahamThe following is a letter from the journals of the late Robert Walter Graham, which were recently found in his home:


These last few months have been rough around the old farm.  Tough times indeed.

They say everything comes in threes, well that’s just bull… I got a four.

Number 1. My sister Martha finally kicked the bucket and left us last month.  I mentioned her before about having Alzheimers.  So technically she left us years ago, her kids still took it tough.  I think it’s a blessing for all, as morbid as it may sound. When your mental presence is gone, what’s the point?

Number 2. Ray got himself caught again by that bumbling chief Hines.  Locked him in the slammer for 3 months… again.  It could have been worse but we worked out a deal.  I’m not one to hate anyone but that Hines is a greedy SOB and testing my tolerance level.

Number 3.  Caught the damn flu.  First flu I caught since I don’t know when.  I thought I was gonna shit my heart out.  My rear end so sore that I thought I’d have to call the fire department to put the flames out.  Well. I’m all better now, nothing a bottle of Bourbon couldn’t resolve and what do you know… the organs are intact.

Number 4.  Georgina up and left Owl River.  She emptied the canola operations account, took Ray’s ’87 TransAm, and off she went.  Where? Who the Hell knows.

This is not unusual behaviour for Georgie but with little Jaime I thought she’d changed.  The hardest part is poor ole Hal who struggles trying to explain something to the kid.  It’s been a month now and she’s asking less and less about where her mom is.  Not sure they ever really bonded that much and I guess a month is an eternity for a little girl her age.

Georgie’s not the motherly type, nothing like Elizabeth… I’m not sure where we went wrong.  I guess she’s always been one to chase rainbows but when the rainbow fades from the sky she finds her way back as if nothing happens.  I just hope it’s before Ray gets out of the slammer though, he won’t be happy that she took his TransAm.

Some good news, not just that the arse inferno has gone out just in time to harvest those fields, but that this is going to be my biggest crop yet.



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