The lost journals of Robert Walter Graham – part 2

Journal of Robert Walter GrahamThe following is a letter from the journals of the late Robert Walter Graham, which were recently found in his home:


Well the kiddo has been home for a few months now.  She finally passed from ugly mini Phil to pretty princess. She’s got the prettiest toothless smile I’ve ever seen.  She reminds me of aunt Rosa after she accidentally swallowed her dentures… but without the mustache.  Our little princess will melt your heart if you have one.  I’m pretty sure she has my eyes and my no bullshit attitude. I can tell by the look she gave the priest when he poured the holy water on her head without permission.  She won’t take crap from anyone but will dish it out, literally and even during the baptism.  I swear that was a curse word that came out of her mouth… that’s my girl. 

I was happy that Georgie honored her momma and named her Jaime Elizabeth.  It nearly brought a tear to my eye — or maybe it was the stench coming from her soiled diaper. 

It’s not all rainbows and fairies in the homestead though. Suddenly running a business with a full house is a bit of a problem especially when little Ray comes around. 

Ray MacInnis, I call Little Ray, abandoned by his mom and when he was 14 he found his dad Big Ray with a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. I tried to keep an eye on the kid but he didn’t want anyone’s help. I managed to get a little closer to the kid when Georgie fell for his bad boy attitude. I’m glad that wore off and thank the Lord that there were no offspring from that relationship. He’s not the kind of guy I want hanging around my little princess.

Deep down, Little Ray is a good kid. Dedicated to the business and when the heat comes on, he takes it like a champ and never sells anyone out. I’m all he’s got. Let’s face it, no one will ever straighten him out, but I’ll always be there to protect him the best I can. Kind of like a son I never had… as much as I wish I had a son, he’d be nothing like Little Ray.

As for Hal, well I just need to keep Hal and Little Ray out of each other’s way given both their involvement with Georgie. That said, little Jaime needs a home of her own. I put a large down payment on a farmhouse for Hal. I didn’t want to put it in Georgie’s name because she’d probably sell it for fancy clothes and a cruise to a third-world country or something. I have mixed feelings about seeing the little princess leave, but I think it’s best for the business and besides, they’ll be happier not having me bossin’ them around.

Well, I better hit the hay. I have an early morning breakfast with Esther about some stuff. 




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