Owl River Runners returns home for exclusive screening in Hampton, NB

owlriverrunners_posterhamptonOne night only, on Friday October 14th, 2016, Owl River Runners will be screened in the town where it was filmed, beautiful Hampton, NB. We invite you to join us, drive the streets that became the fictional town of Owl River so we could tell our story.

The screening will take place at Hampton High School. Doors open at 6:30, and the screening will begin at 7:00 sharp.

Tickets are available online at owlriverhampton.eventbrite.ca

You can also buy tickets in person at the Hampton Pharmasave at 599 Main St, Hampton, NB.

Individual tickets are 11.99 $ and student tickets are 9.99 $. For groups of 10 or more people, enjoy a discount of 2$ per ticket (online sales only).

We are very excited to share this movie with the people who helped breathe life into Owl River. If you’ve never been to Hampton, we really encourage you to join us and discover the natural beauty of the place.

Hope to see you there!

Owl River Runners to screen at 2nd annual Cannabis Film Festival

Cannabis Film Festival laurelsOwl River Runners will be screening at its second U.S. film festival, making its sixth overall film festival appearance when it screens on April 23rd at the Cannabis Film Festival in Garberville, California.

“Since Owl River Runners touches upon the (as of now) illegal side of cannabis, it definitely opens up the discussion about whether or not the events in this film would have event taken place had cannabis been legal.” says producer André Goguen. “But first and foremost, it’s an interesting story with great characters, wonderful actors and rockin’ tunes. I know that festival goers will be rightly entertained.”

Screening time is 4:00 pm at the Redwood Playhouse in Garberville, CA.

Which means, when 4:20 rolls around, people will have a great film to watch!

In its second year, the Cannabis Film Festival’s mission is to increase public awareness of all aspects of the cannabis industry through educational and entertaining film media with the intention of raising consciousness regarding the many uses and applications of cannabis.

The lost journals of Robert Walter Graham – part 3

Journal of Robert Walter GrahamThe following is a letter from the journals of the late Robert Walter Graham, which were recently found in his home:


These last few months have been rough around the old farm.  Tough times indeed.

They say everything comes in threes, well that’s just bull… I got a four.

Number 1. My sister Martha finally kicked the bucket and left us last month.  I mentioned her before about having Alzheimers.  So technically she left us years ago, her kids still took it tough.  I think it’s a blessing for all, as morbid as it may sound. When your mental presence is gone, what’s the point?

Number 2. Ray got himself caught again by that bumbling chief Hines.  Locked him in the slammer for 3 months… again.  It could have been worse but we worked out a deal.  I’m not one to hate anyone but that Hines is a greedy SOB and testing my tolerance level.

Number 3.  Caught the damn flu.  First flu I caught since I don’t know when.  I thought I was gonna shit my heart out.  My rear end so sore that I thought I’d have to call the fire department to put the flames out.  Well. I’m all better now, nothing a bottle of Bourbon couldn’t resolve and what do you know… the organs are intact.

Number 4.  Georgina up and left Owl River.  She emptied the canola operations account, took Ray’s ’87 TransAm, and off she went.  Where? Who the Hell knows.

This is not unusual behaviour for Georgie but with little Jaime I thought she’d changed.  The hardest part is poor ole Hal who struggles trying to explain something to the kid.  It’s been a month now and she’s asking less and less about where her mom is.  Not sure they ever really bonded that much and I guess a month is an eternity for a little girl her age.

Georgie’s not the motherly type, nothing like Elizabeth… I’m not sure where we went wrong.  I guess she’s always been one to chase rainbows but when the rainbow fades from the sky she finds her way back as if nothing happens.  I just hope it’s before Ray gets out of the slammer though, he won’t be happy that she took his TransAm.

Some good news, not just that the arse inferno has gone out just in time to harvest those fields, but that this is going to be my biggest crop yet.



To find out where all of this is going, check out the feature film Owl River Runners. Check the screenings section for dates and showtimes.


The lost journals of Robert Walter Graham – part 2

Journal of Robert Walter GrahamThe following is a letter from the journals of the late Robert Walter Graham, which were recently found in his home:


Well the kiddo has been home for a few months now.  She finally passed from ugly mini Phil to pretty princess. She’s got the prettiest toothless smile I’ve ever seen.  She reminds me of aunt Rosa after she accidentally swallowed her dentures… but without the mustache.  Our little princess will melt your heart if you have one.  I’m pretty sure she has my eyes and my no bullshit attitude. I can tell by the look she gave the priest when he poured the holy water on her head without permission.  She won’t take crap from anyone but will dish it out, literally and even during the baptism.  I swear that was a curse word that came out of her mouth… that’s my girl. 

I was happy that Georgie honored her momma and named her Jaime Elizabeth.  It nearly brought a tear to my eye — or maybe it was the stench coming from her soiled diaper. 

It’s not all rainbows and fairies in the homestead though. Suddenly running a business with a full house is a bit of a problem especially when little Ray comes around. 

Ray MacInnis, I call Little Ray, abandoned by his mom and when he was 14 he found his dad Big Ray with a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. I tried to keep an eye on the kid but he didn’t want anyone’s help. I managed to get a little closer to the kid when Georgie fell for his bad boy attitude. I’m glad that wore off and thank the Lord that there were no offspring from that relationship. He’s not the kind of guy I want hanging around my little princess.

Deep down, Little Ray is a good kid. Dedicated to the business and when the heat comes on, he takes it like a champ and never sells anyone out. I’m all he’s got. Let’s face it, no one will ever straighten him out, but I’ll always be there to protect him the best I can. Kind of like a son I never had… as much as I wish I had a son, he’d be nothing like Little Ray.

As for Hal, well I just need to keep Hal and Little Ray out of each other’s way given both their involvement with Georgie. That said, little Jaime needs a home of her own. I put a large down payment on a farmhouse for Hal. I didn’t want to put it in Georgie’s name because she’d probably sell it for fancy clothes and a cruise to a third-world country or something. I have mixed feelings about seeing the little princess leave, but I think it’s best for the business and besides, they’ll be happier not having me bossin’ them around.

Well, I better hit the hay. I have an early morning breakfast with Esther about some stuff. 




To find out where all of this is going, check out the feature film Owl River Runners. Check the screenings section for dates and showtimes.


The lost journals of Robert Walter Graham – part 1

Journal of Robert Walter GrahamThe following is a letter from the journals of the late Robert Walter Graham, which were recently found in his home:


I’m writing this because Alzheimers disease is a genetic gift passed on from my mother’s side and if it should happen to me, I can read these and re-live important moments of my life.  Unlike my eldest sister Martha who doesn’t recognize anyone and doesn’t even remember when she needs to use it.  I can tell by the stench of urine as soon as you walk into her hospice room.  I have ways to fend off Alzheimers and keeping the ole nogger active is the way to go.

Today, I became a grandpa, a proud moment I must say.  In one way, it’s about damn time. I wondered if Georgina would ever settle down long enough to be a mom, in another way it’ll be difficult for her because Elizabeth, that’s my wife, died two years ago and I miss her everyday.  She sure would be of use right now.  I saw that right away when Georgina started cussing and crying when trying to feed the baby… and something about inverted nipples.  I know a thing or two so I suggested they pump her like a cow and… well it didn’t go over well.  I decided to come home and let the nurses take care of it.  Hopefully they sort it out before she comes home.

Hal travelled home with me and couldn’t stop talking about the kid all the way home.  I offered him one of my drivin’ beers to shut him up but he just went on and on… About how beautiful the baby is.  I just shook my head in agreement even though I have never found a newborn baby to be anything but weird looking.  They look rather pitiful and helpless with their bobbin’ bald heads… sort of like a mini version of my brother Phil.

As I write this, I just come to a realization that everyone will depend on me to keep them gainfully employed.  But that’s for tomorrow, for now we need to figure out what to call this little princess.  Perhaps Jaime, Elizabeth always loved that name because in French, it means “I love”. 

Well long day, eyelids are heavy.  Until next time…  RWG


To find out where all of this is going, check out the feature film Owl River Runners. Check the screenings section for dates and showtimes.

Our indiegogo contributors are all over Owl River Runners

So many people jumped on the opportunity to be a part of Owl River Runners. But we’re not just talking about the diligent cast and crew that worked tirelessly to make such a great film. We’re talking about the lucky people who snatched up perks during our Indiegogo campaign that allowed their face or name to be made into a prop that would be used in the film. See if you can catch the name or the face of someone you know.

These props were created by our graphic design team headed by producer André Goguen, along with John Landry and Amélie Allain. A huge thanks to our corporate sponsor Incolor for outputting such beautiful props for us. The finished products speak for themselves.

Is your name on one of these props? Come and see it on the big screen at our screening in Moncton on April 15th or 16th! Get your tickets in our screenings section.